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GOSSIP Part 5 "The Gossip Columnist" MOVIE GOSSIP FOR ADULTS


 This is one of the last last few chapters of my manuscript, "THE GOSSIP COLUMNIST" RATED PG-16 for expletives.  This gossip was published in the HOLLYWOOD STAR newspaper a few years ago. If you are unfamiliar with the subject material, then it will appear to be recent, otherwise, it is gossip that should be informative as well as entertaining. Most items will contain information you had never known before and nothing has been made up. Sit back, read and enjoy. - Bill Dakota

FRED EBB (Oscar winner for "CABARET"), is still communicating with that male hustler I wrote about in issue #1. At least that is what Danny Stewart told me over the phone. Fred picked Danny up in his Cadillac on Hollywood Boulevard at Highland. (Note: Fred is now deceased.)

All the so called fan magazines are telling about WARREN BEATTY wooooing all the women in Hollywood, with talk of needing many women for the HOWARD HUGHES film. The fact of the matter is, he walked away from the three picture deal with Warner Brothers, and the first film on that agenda was....the Howard Hughes film. So, if he was woooing all those women, then he got some free pussy, didn't he? But, if he fucks as fast as he talks on the phone, it can't be too exciting. Yes, he did phone me from his Wilshire Hotel Penthouse apartment. It was also used in "PRETTY WOMAN."

An Assault and Battery suit against ELVIS PRESLEY demanding damages of $4,000,000, was dismissed by Superior Court Judge, Robert Weil. The action stemmed from an alleged 1973 incident at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. The action was dismissed by Judge Weil because four plaintiffs failed to vigorously prosecute the complaint since its filing in 1973.

My condolences go out to Marge Poor, who just lost her husband, Clemmon Poor, Jr., who passed away from a heart attack. Clem was only 46 and it was through Marge and a person who had the James Dean fan club, Flo Steingraber, that made it possible for me to work for the late Nick Adams. Flo also had MARILYN MAXWELL's fan club.

I heard CHARLTON HESTON was turned down by PLAYGIRL MAGAZINE...because he was too old. (Charlton now has Alzheimer's disease). Charlton was from Michigan and retained a residency there. He loved the outdoor life.

REX REED, who claims to hate Hollywood, was recently quoted as saying, "I wish I could live in California part of the year. As a farm boy from Indiana, all I would dream of was the day I'd go to Hollywood and have cocktails with CLAUDETTE COLBERT."

The first printing of DORIS DAY's book, in paperback, is set for 2,1/2 million copies! And "ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO's NEST," is in its 55th printing. Over SIX MILLION copies have been sold so far.

Another "hotline" call really surprised us. Well, not really, as it's not that important to us, although Ms. Rona was hot on it and gave it up! Our tipster said that RICHARD THOMAS's wife, was made pregnant through artificial insemination. We told our caller that we couldn't just print something like that without further proof. So, we were given the phone number of the nurse who was present at the time of the insemination. She works at a clinic in Westwood. So, I phoned her and told her who I was. She had never heard of the Hollywod Star newspaper. So, I explained what I had heard and she said it was true that Alma had checked into the clinic under a ficticious name. (Alma is Richard's wife.) This same nurse told me that LIZA MINNELLI had had an abortion there six months ago. So, this was a hot tip too, so I phoned a reporter at the National Enquirer to find out more about this....if she had heard the news or more? She said that it was "old" news, that she had heard about that over a year ago, when she worked for Rona Barrett. But, when she named the hospital, it was a different one from the clinic in Westwood which means Liza must have had two abortions within a year and a half. This was a double scoop! Now if Alma was made pregnant through artificial insemination, then questions arise. Did Richard know about this? Or, was he forced into a marriage believing it was his kid(s)? Or, is he aware of the insemination, if it is true? I phoned Richard's agent, Allen Rupert, and he said there was no truth to the story. I told him Rona was hot on the trail for a scoop. Later, he told me Rona had checked it all out and that it wasn't true. Well, since my source is a nurse, who allegedly was present, who can we believe? The agent further stated he had known Richard and Alma for a long period of time and felt it wasn't true about the artificial insemination, but that perhaps it could be true. He said he knew they had been making it together. How he knew this, is beyond me. I then stated I had several "hot-line" tips from several guys who claimed they had made it with Richard. And when Richard was interviewed on the TOM SNYDER's "TOMORROW SHOW," he is supposed to have told Tom that he had hustled both men and women to eke out an existence. Agent Rupert then said, "Maybe Richard is bisexual." In closing this matter I'd like to add that the artificial insemination, if it occurred, could have been done with Richard's sperm. I haven't followed that aspect with the nurse yet.

Is it true that ZSA ZSA GABOR has a drip dry wedding gown? She is either a nymphomaniac, or too unbearable to live with, or a disappointment.

ALI McGRAW is now in Palm Springs with her son and hubby, STEVE McQUEEN, is still in Malibu...just a short drive away. (Note: A book titled, "FADE TO BLACK," states Steve died of AIDS before AIDS was given a name.)

GEORGE REEVES, the old SUPERMAN, who died (an alleged suicide) is now, (through officials), having the death re-investigated. Seems like he may have been murdered. He owed a lot of debt to the wrong people.

BOBBY SHERMAN, the young singer whose career sort of vanished, was into the gay bar scene in San Francisco on Polk Street. When someone said, "You look like Bobby Sherman," he replied, "I am Bobby Sherman."

We tried to get a nude photo of GEORGE ("ROUTE 66") MAHARIS for this paper, but we were told there is no "nude art" available on George.

OMAR SHARIF made a bad investment deal and just paid off $2 million in debts. He still owes $150,000.

REDD FOXX lost a bundle of money in a night-club he opened. "Easy come, easy go," said Redd.

LEE MAJORS is embarrassed, so we've been told, because he had once been a gardener for ROCK HUDSON for seven years! Is this true Lee? It's not as embarrassing as being in the unemployment line or the other alternative....welfare. (Is this how Lee became the $6 Million Dollar Man?)

BOB MITCHUM is telling about the time he was stopped in his car by a cop, while JUDY GARLAND was sucking his cock! She supposedly mumbled, "U-m-m-m-phhhh." It's hard to talk with a mouthful. Mitchum is full of these stories, or are they stories?

That phone call from an alleged usher at the TAV where the MERV GRIFFIN SHOW is taped, told us that Merv was a golden shower queen.

BARBARA JANE at the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (a film trade publication), on July 7th, urged her reporters to "continue developing and charming their contacts, in the hopes that stories can be developed." She also reminded reporters to "keep their sources, out of their stories when the source...requests anonymity." Well, gossip is hot today Barbara. (This note from her was found in the trash behind the Hollywood Reporter.)

Our San Francisco spy, CARL CAMPBELL, wrote us and said HERB CAEN wrote, "Chip, Jimmy Carter's son, entered a tricycle race in S.F. sponsored by THE MINT, a gay bar. It's also the same bar that Carter's sister's boy went to prison for robbing." (I regret to say my friend Carl has suddenly passed away. He was one hell of a guy and an acquaintance I will never forget.)

JAMES BACON, in his book titled, "HOLLYWOOD IS A FOUR LETTER TOWN," said he had heard DAVID CASSIDY has the biggest cock among Hollywood's younger set. According to our records, BILL BLASINGAME has a bigger one, but he's only a Go-Go Boy!

We heard that someone at MGM by the last name of Schaeffer was showing a porno movie with DEBBIE REYNOLDS and AGNES MOOREHEAD. (This was mentioned in another issue of this paper.) There is a Gary Schaeffer in casting, who says it's not him. And there is a director, George Schaeffer, who is filming there, but he won't return phone calls to us. I talked with a Channel 2 newscaster about it and she said the movie was made many years ago, and that it was old news. But, I said if my readers hadn't heard of it, then it's new news.

DANNY STEWART, who has never done a true, legitimate acting job (a bit in ROCKY ended up on the cutting room floor), is mailing out brochures that read: TALENTED, ENERGETIC, AMBITIOUS, YOUNG ACTOR, SIX FEET TALL, ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY POUNDS, BROWN HAIR AND BLUE EYES, NEEDS ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE. And in between the final lines he put 8,1/2" allegedly the size of his cock. Danny, it takes least a little bit, to get into films. Danny, (also mentioned in another issue), was a trick of music writer FRED EBB, as well as yours truly. Danny also put an ad in a paper stating: "Young man will do anything for $1,000." And a man gave him $1,000 with no strings attached. Danny was a fun guy but he couldn't stay away from gambling. Yes, I got his cherry-smile!

AUDIE MURPHY, World War II's most decorated war hero, was an admitted homosexual. So, why all the commotion about homosexuals in the military? (Dakota: This was written around 1977, not the recent controversy of 1994). Didn't people see the movie, "THE OUTSIDER"? It showed two soldiers in a fox-hole, breathing together, living together in the fear of possibly getting killed. Two people can never become much closer than this. And they even embraced one another, to keep warm. Come on now. Can this be wrong? Sex is just sex. All those rednecks had better use their heads because as time goes by, and today's young society take over, the rednecks will be few and far between. There is nothing wrong with love. If everyone loved someone or something, there would be no room in their heart for hate. Hate is what starts war, not love.

DIDYOUKNOW that EDMUND PURDOM has the distinction of being the only star to have his hand and footprints removed from Grauman's Chinese Theater? They were embedded in the forecourt of the theater in honor of the film, "THE EGYPTIAN." But, the film later premiered down the boulevard at the EGYPTIAN THEATER. So, someone felt there was a double cross and in the middle of the night, removed the block of concrete with Purdom's hand and footprints. (Dakota: There have been other instances of concrete removal, i.e., the HERBIE car tracks are now gone. There's a lot of symbolic hype now-a-days, and the cement there has had many removals of these publicity hyped affairs.)

JERRY LEE LEWIS created "a whole lot of shakin'" in Memphis. It seems J.L. was convicted of Assault & Battery, charged and fined twenty-five bucks for beating a waitress with a violin bow in a local club known as BOB'S LOUNGE. Aggravated waitress, Diane Siler, was also fined fifteen dollars for malicious mischief resulting from her "breaking the bow" with which Lewis lacerated her.

In New York, the President's son, JACK FORD, escorted BIANCA JAGGER to a disco frequented by gays. And when a guy asked to cut-in, Jack was surprised that the guy wanted to dance with him and not Bianca. Meanwhile, back in Hollywood, Bianca left the water running at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. It cost her hubby, MICK JAGGER, $4,000 in damages.

Now that ROBERT REDFORD is hot property, the studio has re-released all of his films, with the exception of "INSIDE DAISY CLOVER," where he portrayed a homosexual! It's an image the studio didn't want to project, now that he's Box-office. MARLON BRANDO, last year, was at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, the same day I had read in the paper that he had been hospitalized and operated on, for a fish-bone that had been caught in his throat. H-m-m-m. What some publicists will say.

Is it true that JOHN GARFIELD, that rebel star of the late forties, who died of a heart attack, was getting a blow-job from a chick when it happened?

In addition to our JAMES DEAN masturbating photo, we have one of BURT LANCASTER in a soixante-neuf (69) position from his circus days. Yes, he's with another man. Burt, used to pick up his hair dresser lover, a few years ago, when he got off work. (Burt is now gone, his ashes interred at the Westwood Cemetery where Marilyn, Natalie and Dean Martin are buried.)

MISS VICKI (Tiny Tim's ex) showed her pussy in OUI MAGAZINE. She said Tim never had sexual intercourse with her, until six months after they were married. She further stated that "girls don't turn Tim on." Miss Vicki (VICTORIA BUDINGER), was a Go-Go dancer, at this writing, at Minnie's Lounge in Camden, New Jersey. (Dakota: Tiny Tim is now deceased. His wedding that took place on Johnny Carson's TONIGHT SHOW gave Johnny the highest ratings the show ever had. I was told that when Tim was booked at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, there were only three or four people who went to see his show.)

GEORGE MAHARIS, who had been a target for the police and had two or three homosexual busts, from the vice squad, got back at 'em by portraying a cop in the POLICE STORY series. I saw George at one of the leather bars in San Francisco last year, before he left for Hawaii. He was looking good too.

When DINO MARTIN was married to OLIVIA HUSSEY, it's alleged (as told by Bill Frank Jones, from her manager, Rudy Altobelli), that she fucked Dino's brother while Dino heard it all through their built-in sound system.

There were two kidnappings of celebrity's offsprings in Beverly Hills. Yes, there were payoffs made and it was kept secret. The police won't tell me anything. This explains why NATALIE WOOD and ROBERT WAGNER installed a large gate in front of the entrance to their front door of their Canon Drive home. Before the gates were installed, anyone could walk up and ring their doorbell, and they did.

BILL ROYCE, editor of RONA BARRETT's HOLLYWOOD, recently had his nose and chin fixed. By our phone conversation, he would like to fix mine too.

MICKEY ROONEY received a lot of publicity when he opened (?) the Mickey Rooney Star Bar-B-Q in Hollywood across from the Hollywood Post-office. It was always a Bar-B-Q and they just changed the name. It wasn't doing any business then and I assume Mickey got it cheap and used his name to beef-up (pun) the business. (Note: They changed the name back, when it still didn't do any business and moved up on Cahuenga, and still not doing too much business.)

While in London, SYLVESTER STALLONE was turned away from REGINA'S Club because he wasn't wearing a black tie. He tore up his membership card and said, "I'll never step into any of her fucking clubs again."

Face lifts are definitely in. Isn't that true ROBERT WAGNER, TONY CURTIS and ROCK HUDSON?

Comedian, JACK CARTER, parked his car in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater and got a ticket....fought it..and won!

I've heard it through several persons that JILL ST. JOHN, last year, was selling it for $1,000 a trick! Remember her? Well, she was the former girlfrend of HENRY KISSINGER. I phoned Bill Royce and asked if he had heard about it and he replied, "You mean Hollywood's Happy Hooker?" Now, he denies it, but I have the conversation on tape.

GROUCHO MARX said he found television very educational. Everytime someone turned it on, he went into another room and read a book.

Hairdressers seem to be dating leading actresses now-a-days. (JON PETERS and BARBRA STREISAND). I can remember the days when hairdressers only dated...hairdressers.

RINGO STARR shaved off his hair, beard and eyebrows, on a dare! NANCY ANDREWS, his girlfriend, is the one who dared him.

Singer, LOU ("Lightning Strikes Again" and "Two Faces Have I"), CHRISTIE told me ANNETTE FUNICELLO is known for giving good head. RICHARD PRYOR, on stage at the Comedy Store, said he had heard the same thing.

WILLIE NELSON, the country singer, holds an annual picnic in Texas. This year the rain kept people away, yet there were 15 stabbings, one drowning and many rapes!

CONFIDENTIAL MAGAZINE was going to expose ROCK HUDSON as being homosexual, back in the fifties. The studios pacified the magazine editors by giving them a story about RORY CALHOUN's police record! Later they gave actor GEORGE NADER's homosexual leanings to them. So, who's RORY CALHOUN? He was a dark haired beauty and a HENRY WILLSON client. (Dakota: Rory recently passed away and so did Nader.)

Femme Impersonator, RONNIE PAIGE told me he used to blow RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN, once a week, in the john at the Hollywood Pantages theater. This was many years ago. (Note: Richard, now in his 70's has publicly come out of the closet.)

Remember the western TV actor who killed himself (Peter Duel?). A caller said he committed suicide over RYAN O'NEAL, who allegedly had been his lover!

BRIGITTE BARDOT, (that 50's sex symbol), said it's a matter of principal not to pay debts on time. She owed a store $10,000 and got away with not paying it. The store went bankrupt.

RYAN O'NEAL (again), was taken to a small claims court by a well known restaurant that said he skipped out on a bill for $12.00.

JERRY LEWIS, with wife and kids, once ran up a tab of $83.00 for a meal in a plush restaurant and left a tip of .60c. And BRANDO wined and dined a crowd of ex-wives and children, to the tune of $894.00. He left such a small tip that the waiter handed it back to Brando, who gladly accepted it.

Among other Hollywood cheapskates: CARY GRANT, GLENN FORD, JIMMY STEWART, AVA GARDNER and KIRK DOUGLAS. They feel they are doing the restaurants a favor by being seen there. BOB HOPE used to be the same way in Palm Springs. He often left restaurants without paying anything.

The successful, "A CHORUS LINE," even attracted JOHN WAYNE. It's one of the most successful shows to come to town and I haven't had time to see it yet.

I talked to MARLON BRANDO the other evening and he said he was under a gag order from the court, not to talk about the Palimony case he is involved in. Seems he's the Godfather to the offspring involved. Marlon also said he doesn't like to give interviews anymore. He's been crossed by too many writers. He said he wouldn't even discuss memories of James Dean. When Jimmy was popular in Hollywood, he used to dress like Marlon in "THE WILD ONES." Jimmy idolized Marlon but Marlon didn't like his copycat attitude toward him. (Although Dean idolized Brando, Dean's acting was more a copy of GARY COOPER, who was Dean's secret idol.) Dean was quite a woman's man too. He dated URSULA ANDRESS before her American debut in "DR. NO," the first Bond film. She was often seen and photographed with Jimmy at the famous VILLA CAPRI, along with pal SAMMY DAVIS, JR. Jimmy broke the color barrier and dated his friend from New York, singer/actress, EARTHA KITT. And he could be seen riding her around Hollywood on the back of his motorcycle. Eartha had known Dean in New York, when they attended the same ballet class. Three days before Dean was killed, he had been to "Don the Beachcombers," with Ursula. And Sidney Skolsky's daughter, (Sidney was a gossip writer), Steffi, took a couple of photos of Jimmy with Ursula. And she noticed that Jimmy's pants were unzipped and that she thought Ursula had been playing around with him. But, Jimmy had gotten so drunk and loud, he was asked to leave. The day Jimmy was killed, was the day Steffi got the film returned, after it had been developed.

LILI KARDELL, a real blond beauty, had also been a companion of Dean's and would go to car races with him. Dean, allegedly, was in love with actress PIER ANGELI, an Italian actress whose sister MARISA PAVAN, was also in films. But, Pier married singer VIC DAMONE, leaving Jimmy broken hearted. Before Pier's death, (she committed suicide), she would say Jimmy was the only man she ever loved. Dean was Dean, not Brando. He may have idolized Brando but they were different types. Dean also liked Montgomery Clift's acting and even phoned Clift to tell him so.

DIDYOUKNOW ED ASNER's son is a punk rocker?

JOE DALLESANDRO is living in Hollywood. Says he fired his agent and is looking for a better one. Joe starred in those campy WARHOL films, "FRANKENSTEIN," and "DRACULA." But, at 36 he still looks good. He also starred in underground films, "TRASH," "HEAT," and "FLESH." (Dakota: Joe is now near twice the age of 36. He had a role in "THE COTTON CLUB," the last film I saw him in.)

I saw TONY DANZA jogging along Mulholland Drive, with his young the rain. I didn't recognize him but my new friend, also named Tony, did. He said, "Isn't your name Tony?" And Danza said it was. Then stupid Tony said, "So is mine!" I have the smartest friends.

Remember when DAN DAILY, used to go to parties in drag and his companion was ROBERT WAGNER?

THE JACKSON FIVE own a limousine service called...what else, THE JACKSON LIMOUSINE SERVICE. They have a computerized drink mixer in them too, in those long-g-g-g stretch mothers. Call and ask for E.J. and tell them Dakota sent you.

BLONDIE was in the audience at the Palladium for the ELVIS PRESLEY auction of Elvis's furniture from his Beverly Hills Hillcrest mansion. Blondie's boyfriend bought Elvis's cloth, toilet seat cover for $40. Elvis's bed went for a mere $1,500. His wrist watch sold for $150. Cheap! Many items never got the minimum bid and weren't sold.

Just received the latest news from Gotham regarding RICHARD GERE. Seems he was seeing a blond haired beauty off at the subway and they were in a sexual embrace, embarrassing to the eye witness, who said the blond had on a back pack too, and they were "kissing." Heavens! And in "AMERICAN GIGOLO," he said he didn't trick with guys. I guess he meant on the screen.

The blond number in Mr. Starr's ad, is the one ELTON JOHN offered $1,000 to and the guy turned Elton down. Who says money can buy anything?

FRANK SINATRA's ass-kissing with Reagan paid off. He got that Gaming Casino License he wanted so bad, at $20,000 per week.

I saw NICK NOLTE at Barney's Beanery. Although I had the first interview with him after TV's "RICH MAN,POOR MAN," (via phone). This was the first time I saw him in person. He looked better than he does on screen. I talked with his mother, Helen, in Arizona a few times.

JESSE ASK, doing a few days at San Bruno for alleged public drinking, said he was "turned out" two years ago by Joe Newman, manager of FOCUS and the COSMIC BLUES BAND. Jesse was 17 at the time it happened at the Civic Center Hotel in San Francisco.

One of my most exciting memories is the trip I made to Taos, New Mexico to visit DENNIS HOPPER, at his ranch. He was completing the final editing of his film titled, "THE LAST MOVIE." The version I saw was very good and much different from the shit Universal released after they re-edited it. I saw it at a screening at Dennis's theater in Taos. Dennis used to give the Indians there, a share of the theater's weekly profits. Prior to going to the screening, Dennis strapped on a gun and holster. I was wondering if crime was so high there, that he had to do this? But, the explanation was, this was the only print of the film and someone might try to steal it.

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